I'm Cagatay Gulcan


I am a student developing myself about data visualization and data science. I use the information I learned by visualizing data on this site.


My Skills

Mysql 90%
Python 91%
Excel 96%
Tableau 88%

My Projects

Which country has how much content on netflix?

Welcome to the first article of Datatay.com. In this article, we will talk to you about which countries the series or movies on Netflix are prepared by. In today’s world, Netflix, as you know, is the one that produces the most series and movies. Although it was founded in 1997, it started to be effective […]

Who am I?

I am a student who develops himself on data science and data visualization. I was constantly interested in software and the economy. I am a student at Istanbul University, Department of Economics. I like graphics that have been made with certain data for a very long time. And one day I said I can prepare graphic or data visualization. I started learning Python and then I learned Excel and Tableau. I know Excel and Tableau well. In Python, I can visualize data with the help of Matplotlib, Seaborn and many more libraries. 

I know an excellent website. With this site, I can access the data of almost all countries in a visualized way. Actually, I just wanted to promote the site name, but it would be more accurate to write a different article and share all the great data sites I know. I will write another article […]

The world entered the year 2020 by celebrating. But the year 2020 does not seem to like the world. The reason for this is that even though January is just over, Iran has dropped a plane, earthquakes and newly released viruses re-enter our lives. A disaster awaits the world?

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