Countries with which the USA imports most

import countries of America

I know an excellent website. With this site, I can access the data of almost all countries in a visualized way. Actually, I just wanted to promote the site name, but it would be more accurate to write a different article and share all the great data sites I know. I will write another article to introduce data sets and data visualization sites soon. Thanks to this site we will look at import countries of USA .

The site is called Oec (Click and open). When I first entered this site, I did not want to exit. Everything I wondered was in front of me in a visualized way. In short, this site offers you to reach the import and export goods of the country you want, and the countries that are exported and imported in a visualized way. You can find the longer explanation in the article we will share soon. In this article, we will look at the import countries of USA.

Now we will see which countries are selling the most goods to the USA. Let’s do a simple exercise and click on “Show all years”. When you click on 1962, we see that the USA mostly imports to Europe and North America. Let’s say briefly as follows; ( if it doesn’t look right click on the link )

The most imported continents in 1962.

Europe > North America >Asia >South Amerika > Afrika > Oceania

It is clear that America is mostly buying products from Europe. This means that; The fact that Europeans started to form a community in the 1960s may also be a factor in this. The European Economic Community is formed with “Rome of Treaty” in 1957The developing European economy and the 1960s seemed to have benefited America.

Money is the main factor in the development of countries. And when the position of money changes, you slowly turn your face there. We can show an example of this as America. When we set the year to 2016 or 2017, we see that the USA is imported more goods to Asia. This change started in the 1975s.

The most imported continents in 2016.

Asia > North America > Europe > South America > Africa > Oceania

Japan started a big attack in the 1975s. In the 1975s, Japan started a big attack on behalf of Asia. And in the recent past (2000s), China has become the most exporting country from the USA.

In fact, it takes a very long time from here. In the next article, we will look at the countries that the USA exports to. And we will see how much it exposes to which country by comparing exports with imports.

If we say briefly for this article; The USA was mostly importing from Europe in the 1960s. But in 1970 the conditions changed and began to import from Asia (especially China). ou can also compare from the ready visualization above.

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Countries with which the USA imports most

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