Which country has how much content on netflix?

Welcome to the first article of Datatay.com. In this article, we will talk to you about which countries the series or movies on Netflix are prepared by. In today’s world, Netflix, as you know, is the one that produces the most series and movies. Although it was founded in 1997, it started to be effective in 2009. And now it has become a major brand today and has become the world’s largest film and series company. The great series and movies are watched by most users. So have you ever wondered? In which countries is this Netflix watched? Which country makes Netflix movies and TV series the most? Which country has how much content on netflix? We wondered about this question and investigated it for you.

We wondered about this question and investigated it for you.
We got this data set from Kaggle. And we also visualized this dataset with Tableau. We disable co-productions to make it more understandable. And finally, in this article, we have discussed country contents that are not only produced by Netflix, but only on Netflix. We will only post another post for content produced by Netflix.

Which country has how much content on netflix?

A simple tip (if you click on the photo, you will see the picture more clearly.) Today, America is the country with the most content on Netflix. Actually, this is no surprise. Because even before Netflix, the U.S. owned Holywood, known for its series and movies worldwide. Moreover, Netflix is ​​a US company.

If we look at the European continent, the UK, France, Spain and Turkey have pulled the head of the list. Being the most widely used language in English today seems to be an advantage for England. Because England has the honor of producing the most content of the European continent. Spain, as we know “La Casa De Papel”, is in second place. The fact that Spain is a language frequently used in South America may seem to be an advantage here. Germany is surprisingly low. But this low rate may increase recently because Netflix has been more active in Germany lately. When we look at Turkey, we see a positive picture. Netflix recently began to recognize Turkey. Turkey is known for the series in the world. Turkish Tv series (especially love) lovingly watched by many countries in the world.

When we look at the Asian continent, India, Japan and South Korea take the lead. The reason for China to be surprisingly low is the government’s policy on the internet.

In this article, what content does country have on Netflix? We gave information about. We made simple and brief analyzes. We hope you liked it. Please write your comments as a comment.

Which country has how much content on netflix?

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